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The Process only takes a few minutes in a few steps:

Step 01

Create NexQloud Account

Download app on your mobile device, complete KYC and create NexQloud contributer account.

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Step 02

Buy NFT Hardware License

Buy a NexQloud NFT Hardware License, which allows your hardware device to contribute its resources to the cloud.

Step 03

Connect Your  Device

Load NexQloud Contributor software on your device, and link your NFT license to your selected hardware device.

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a cell phone showing the settings of the batterya line graph with a price of $ 9, 521
Step 04

Receive Daily Compensation

Each day your device is connected  and contributes resources to NexQloud you are guaranteed to receive daily compensation.

Let Blockchain smart contracts Guarantee and Protect Your Earnings

Enjoy enhanced security, potential profits, and complete transparency in a decentralized ecosystem with real-time insights and flexible opportunities.

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Perpetual Earnings

Smart contracts guarantee perpetual NXQ token rewards, ensuring sustained profits for your contributions.

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Shared Vision

Cryptographic security of blockchain shields your rewards from tampering or fraudulent activities.

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Real-time Oversight

Real-time tracking of contributions and rewards offers total transparency of your involvement.

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Transparent Trust

Transparent ledger records every action, establishing trust and complete insight into NexQloud's activities.

NexQloud Positions You To Win Financially

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Appreciation Potential

Limited NXQ supply and growing platform demand signify potential token appreciation.

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Resale Opportunity

Blockchain-certified NFT licenses; resell later, perhaps at a premium, showcasing its authenticity.

a cell phone with the text get a 2 free nextqloud license

for a limited timeGet A Free License For You and a Friend

Activate your NexQloud license, invite a friend, and both of you get a bonus license once your friend’s is activated! Available for only a short period time. Seize the opportunity!

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Double Rewards

With two licenses, you stand to earn twice from your contributions.

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Double Resale Potential

Two licenses mean double the opportunity to resell at a premium in the future.

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Double Value Growth

Sold licenses boost NexQloud's capacity, increasing user demand and token value.

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Get Involved early With  NexQloud’s (NXQ) tokenomics identical to bitcoin

With its identical tokenomics as bitcoin,  limited supply, and  real-world use case, NXQ's value potential is poised to track Bitcoin's historic appreciation.

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NXQ Required for All NexQloud’s Functionality

NXQ tokens are required to Purchase NexQloud licenses, access its diverse cloud services, and ensure seamless collaborations with strategic partners.

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NXQ is More Efficient and as Secure as Bitcoin

NexQloud merges proof of stake and proof of contribution, blending Bitcoin's model with NFT-enhanced security for peak security and efficiency.

discover missed earnings from not having a device on bitcoin’s network

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Get your Questions Answered

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Engage With NexQloud Now

What sets NexQloud hosting apart from other providers?

NexQloud offers green cloud computing with exceptional performance and reliability. Our decentralized infrastructure ensures superior uptime and enhanced security.

How does geo-redundant hosting work?

Geo-redundancy distributes data across multiple servers in different locations, ensuring uninterrupted hosting even if one server faces issues.

How does NexQloud ensure website security?

We use advanced server shield technology to prevent DDoS attacks and provide free SSL certificates for encrypted, secure connections.

What support can I expect with my hosting plan?

NexQloud offers 24/7 customer support for any queries or issues related to your hosting plan.

Do your VPS plans come with control panels?

Yes, our VPS plans include a choice of cPanel or Plesk control panels for easy virtual server and website management.

Are there any hidden charges or setup fees?

No hidden charges. All prices and features are transparent, with clear renewal rates.

How does NexQloud contribute to reducing carbon emissions?

NexQloud's decentralized server nodes minimize infrastructure costs and carbon emissions, offering an eco-friendly hosting solution.

What backup options do you offer?

We provide automated daily backups and snapshot backup features on VPS plans for secure data recovery.