proactively adhere to SEC regulations and avert regulatory concerns

Partner with NexQloud to avoid regulatory challenges within the cryptocurrency industry. Issue your own currency, integrate node licensing, with SEC registration or exemption, and seamlessly grow your user base, fund cutting-edge solutions, while leveraging NexQloud's ecosystem growth potential.


45 Days
Reg CF Unaudited


45 Days
Reg CF Audited


4 Mos
Reg A+


6 Mos

Step into a New Chapter of Strategic Excellence powered by a level one blockchain

Simplified steps to deploy and fund any cPU intensive cloud-based Community Based Project

Step 01
a blue folder with a check mark on it

Register Project

Complete and submit onboarding forms to secure sandbox privileges and initiate project development.

a cell phone with a welcome onboard screen
a cell phone with smiley faces on the screen
Step 02
a blue checklist with a check mark on it

Meet SEC Requirements

Submit documents to obtain exemption or registration  through regulatory partners.

Step 03
a light bulb with a gearwheel inside of it

Configure Your Project

Customize your blockchain network, configure computing resources, and integrate with NexQloud API’s.

a cell phone with a smiley face on the screen
a cell phone with smiley faces on the screen
Step 04
a blue star and some bubbles on a white background

Invite Early Adopters

Sell project NFT licenses to build a community while generating development and marketing income.

Step 05
a blue rocket ship with a white background

Launch Project

Launch project, build community involvement and fulfill business initiatives.

a cell phone with smiley faces on the screen
a cell phone with smiley faces on it

Unlock  Diverse Growth Opportunities with NexQloud

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Joint Innovations

Create new solutions by leveraging NexQloud's unique blockchain platform and your expertise.

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Market Expansion

Penetrate new user segments and expand your market reach by leveraging NexQloud’s existing user base.

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Enhanced Offerings

Boost your service portfolio by integrating NexQloud's innovative cloud solutions and produce additional income.

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Decentralized Synergies, Centralized Success

Through NexQloud, experience strategic collaborations, magnified outcomes, and a trust-centric partnership within a decentralized platform ensuring shared success.

Collaborative Growth:

"Smart contracts promote smooth joint ventures, amplifying mutual growth."

an eye with a person inside of it

Shared Vision:

"Maintain alignment with real-time updates on collaborative projects and achievements."

a shield with a check mark on it

Joint Security:

"Blockchain's prowess ensures all strategic initiatives remain tamper-proof and authentic."

a group of people standing in front of a link symbol

Credible Partnerships:

"Transparent records reinforce the authenticity and clarity of every strategic engagement."

NexQloud: Your Strategic Partner for Tomorrow

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Future-Ready Collaboration

"Stay ahead in the industry by integrating NexQloud's future-centric blockchain solutions."

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Market Influence

"Widen your market influence with NexQloud's vast and growing user base with enhanced smart contact li."

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Type of Projects

NexQloud Supports App Development - Build decentralized apps; scalable, secure.

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With NexQloud Any Project Can Be Supported

Through NexQloud, experience strategic collaborations, magnified outcomes, and a trust-centric partnership within a decentralized platform ensuring shared success.

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DeFi Platforms

Peer-to-peer asset trades; no intermediaries.

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NFT Licenses

Trade digital Licenses; secure auctions.

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Blockchain Networks

Create New chains/sidechains; decentralized.

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Data Storage

Encrypted, decentralized storage solutions.

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Gaming Platforms

Decentralized games; blockchain-powered.

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Identity Management

Decentralized ID; secure verification.

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Supply Chains

Traceable logistics; transparent networks.

checkmark icon
IoT Integrations

Connect devices; decentralized protocols.

checkmark icon
Healthcare Systems

Decentralized medical systems; secure.

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AI Ecosystems

Deep Learning, Machine learning for all sectors.

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Payment Gateways

Transaction tools; decentralized processing.

checkmark icon
Privacy Networks

Anonymous transactions; secure comms.

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Exclusive Perks for Early Partners

Engage early and benefit from premium access to NexQloud’s innovative features and an inside track to its vibrant community.

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Pioneering Access:

Dive into novel features before they go mainstream.

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Collaborative Edge:

Stay ahead with access to the latest in decentralized cloud tech.

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Connected Ecosystem:

Network with NexQloud's growing community, unlocking further growth.

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Queries Answered for Strategic Partners

Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us

Engage With NexQloud Now

Why partner with NexQloud?

Partnering with NexQloud offers strategic growth in decentralized cloud computing, tapping into a global network of idle devices for innovative, sustainable solutions.

How will our customers benefit?

Customers benefit from cost-effective, high-performance cloud services, leveraging NexQloud's sustainable, decentralized computing network.

Is there a framework for joint ventures?

NexQloud provides a structured framework for joint ventures, facilitating collaborative innovation and shared success in the decentralized cloud ecosystem.

What kind of support does NexQloud offer its strategic partners?

NexQloud offers comprehensive support to its partners, including technical assistance, co-marketing opportunities, and access to a broad network of resources.

How can our firm stand out as a NexQloud partner?

As a NexQloud partner, your firm can stand out by contributing to a revolutionary cloud model, gaining exposure to new markets and technologies.

Is there an exclusivity clause in the partnership?

Partnerships with NexQloud focus on mutual growth, with terms that respect both exclusivity options and open collaborative opportunities.

How can we ensure the security of our data and processes while collaborating?

NexQloud ensures the security of collaborative data and processes with advanced encryption, secure protocols, and a commitment to data privacy.